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Originally Posted by Backbored View Post
For some reason I can’t open this thread. I click the last page and I get the ole “Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage”.
Use MOZILLA FIREFOX,it will open directly without any problem, while using INTERNET EXPLORER you can go to the top right where number of pages icon is displayed,there is a icon where you can directly input the page number you want to open.For example if there are 16,973 posts then you can input 828 pages(16,973/20=848 pages,as each page contains 20 posts,so you can directly make out which page you want to open,you have to discount around 20 pages(848-20= 828 ) as crissti mentioned ********* got his posts deleted but the pages number doesn't factor in the deleted posts..INTERNET EXPLORER does have problem opening NADAL NEWS thread..Hope this helps!!
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