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Here are Florida's records, by singles position, in their SEC matches. Lots of DNF results because the SEC stops dual matches when they are decided, so the totals are not equal by position.

1. 1-8
2. 4-4
3. 8-4
4. 7-4
5. 3-4
6. 6-3

I guess the obvious points are: pretty good depth (don't know how Florida was doing in all the unfinished matches at #5), and not good enough at the top two positions. #3 includes 5-1 from Van Overbeek, who is graduating. If Hidalgo from Ecuador, who was sitting out the spring to get eligible (I guess) can get into the top 3 immediately, and the returning players (Piro, Diep, Alford, Watson, Newman) can be healthy and improved, then you get some competition from two incoming blue chips (Lipman, Orkin) and one incoming five star (Wardell) and the team will certainly be deep. The only question will be the records at the top of the lineup, again.
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