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Originally Posted by Sanglier View Post
I thought about "improverished" right away, but this illegitimate creation has already been claimed by people who wish to tell certain comedians to quit improv. What a waste!

It's like trying to name a company or product these days, all the short and non-awful names and web addresses are taken, even made-up names that only approximate their English original! The web has made it paradoxically easier to propagate neologisms while simultaneously more difficult to claim them.

I would like to see what Retro can do with this one too. 'Technilogy' is indeed great. Best of all, no one has used it intentionally yet, according to first page google results.
I’d suggest “inproved.” It certainly sounds like a malaprop, and looks like a typographical blunder, but in English, the prefix, “in,” suggests the opposite of what follows (i.e., inefficient, inexperienced, indestructible)... in, "This racquet is new and inproved; resigned with the latest in technilogy!"

(and , for a good read, I commend to each of you Ambrose Bierce's The Devil's Dictionary.)
Psalm 100:4

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