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For sure stay in touch here, or in Tips.
Albert's is only good on weekend AM's, from like 10 thru 2. For 4.0 doubles. They are the NorCal section 4.0 champs like 3 years ago, and of the 12 members listed on the banner there, I've beaten 9 of them (never having lost a match to any), and got trounced by one of them several matches.
GoldenGatePark is a real mystery, since they charged for courts. I really haven't been there since 1979.
CCSF is located in a weirdo spot, just off SanJose and the outer Mission. You gotta know the team members of that school, to find your way in.
StateCollege of SF is the same.
BoylePark in MillValley, EastBlythdale, can be good pickup 4.5 doubles, but they gotta know you before they even talk to you. Lucky for me, several of the 4.5 guys there used to play on the B team I did, and remember me for my erratic lefty play.
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