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DUpio- finally a knowledgeable person appears. Obviously, you don't ever want to lose to DU at UF, especially when you are the host. But, DU can play. Enej can counterpunch with anyone and Vorkefeld and Krammer battle with a lot of heart and hustle. Danny is a damn good coach and does not deal in b.s. and chris lam is a top notch assistant. They were wayyyy better than a 4 seed and clearly the best 4..with ETSU being a close second. They deserved to win and wanted to win more. You can have all the amenities in the world that UF has , but when some of your guys have no heart, it doesn't matter.

Anyone also thinking that Bryan is not a world class coach is a fool. People, he won a national title at freaking GT! Please list the different schools that have won for women in the past 25 yrs and it's pretty much the same two or three names popping up. He inherited a total grab day his guys want to play and the next day Van Overbeek is fooling around in the NCAA's and Piro is being French. These types of personnel and team culture issues dont't get changed over time. He DOES have good recruits coming and they WILL be good. You will not find many people who are better human beings and tennis coaches than Bryan..especially with some of the characters that have been in and out of the SEC.
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