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Thanks everyone for your thoughts here...

Yep, the loading of this swing technique is my main problem even when trying a semi open stance... It has more to do with my dodgy knee that struggles with pushing off on it..

Noticed that I can have a more closed stance, and at times semi open for wide balls, that seems to be less stressful on the knee, using I guess a modified Eastern.. It is better after hitting for about an hour..

Pushing off, simply hurts, I probably need to get some medical advice..

It's hard when age begins to creep up with u Joesucks. Certainly the option of quitting tennis isn't an option.. Certainly can't continue with the loading up on knee.

Just wondering about this generation of 20+ yr old players, who seem to be playing a lot on hard courts, I wonder what their knees and hips may be like in another 20 yrs on these tough surfaces. The bending and loading up on their knees is pretty intense.
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