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Injured tendon? What do you have?

1) There are exercises and stretches for preventive injury conditioning of healthy muscles, tendons, ligaments, etc. These are not for you if you are injured.

2) If you have an injury most probably the true details of the injury are unknown even if you have seen a Dr. Many tendons and ligaments attach to the bones over a very small area. How much has healed and can take the tremendous local tensions that occur at the injury site within the body's muscles, tendons and ligaments, etc.? How much has defectively healed over the years, for example, some of a tendon's tissue might already be characterized as tendinosis (with defective healing) while some tendon tissue might be tendinitis (with inflammation)? How long does it take for a muscle, tendon or ligament to heal and regain enough strength to function for stress or exercises?

These issues need a well-qualified Dr.

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