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Originally Posted by goeblack View Post
I must admit I have been amused at the pusher threads on the forum.

I just do not get the excuses that some players give when they loser to a so called pusher.

First of all, if you are losing to a pusher then you are not as good a tennis player as they are. They must have better hand to eye coordination than you do. That being since they can keep the ball in the court and you can not.

You obviously think you have superior stokes than they do but why do you think that? You must not have any type of decent weapon. At least not sufficient enough to bother them. Of course, with your self elevated image of yourself, you love hitting winners against your normal opponents. And of course since they have strokes like you do, you assume they play good.

It boils down to this. These days the courts are full of players who possess all the TV strokes but can not hit 5 balls in at a time. They could care less since, their self image revolves around how they look when they nail that topspin backhand down the line. Maybe one out of ten times if they are having a good day.

The so called pusher, is not impressed. All that huffing and puffing and all that extra motion just amuses them. To them that big shot you have worked on, that looks so good, is no big deal to them. If it was they would not get it back all the time.

Just to prove they are better than you try this: Just try getting your ball back in the court like they do. If that does not work then just admit it you are outclassed.
No need to get a bunch of balls over the net or hit hard, just soft and low up the middle of the court and then try to pass me (you'll have to supply the pace) or lob me. Good luck.
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