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Originally Posted by claub View Post
Please post weights of your Bio 200 Tour racquets!
I am trying to find out if a 7g difference is normal, and want to know what to expect when I buy more.

I bought 2 used over e.b.a.y last year and they were 7g apart 355g and 362g (with overgrip and no dampener. a dampener should not add more than 2,3g overall)

Then I bought 2 more new this year and to my surprise they had the same difference in weight. They are 354g and 360g... almost the same diffrence.
I am thinking they are from different batch of production. Maybe one from the beggining of the manufacturing of the Biomimetic line.
In way, I guess I was lucky because now I have 2 matched pairs, same racquet though diffrent in weight.

Both pairs are also differet in swingweight, something that cand be felt pretty easily (the one lighter being with arround 5-10g lighter in swingweight)

So I am trying to find out the normal weight of this racquet because I would like to buy more and it would be nice to know what to expect.

Thank you.

My 3 Bio 200 Tour are all 355 grams and 7 pt HL (strung). But the specs listed on TW is 5 pt HL.

They are 360 grams 8 pt HL with ruberband and 1 overgrip included.
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