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Originally Posted by movdqa View Post
I haven't used the Prestige Pro but I have used the YT Prestige MP and the IG Prestige MP. I used the KPS88 before that for a few years and the K90 a year or two before that. The YT Prestige MP has more of the raw feel on the KPS88. The IG is more muted which means that it's a little better for my arm. I had quite a bit of lead on the YT and it reminded me a lot of the KPS88, only a little bigger.
So right now you use the IG prestige MP with no lead. I saw it got very good reviews but I like my frames a little heavier so I wanted to go for the Pro. Do you see any downside for me? Do you mind the thicker beam width compared to your wilson frames? Also are you very happy with your head frames overall?
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