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Originally Posted by tennismonkey View Post
so the thinking in OKC was that they could've kept harden for one more year but he would've left after that one year and OKC would've gotten absolutely nothing for him. he already turned down one extension offer. so he was only staying for max money or close to max money.

so they got martin and i think a draft pick too. meh. the funny thing is if westbrook doesn't go down -- i think OKC management looks like the smartest guys in the world.

instead all the westbrook haters (myself included) look at him a little differently now. maybe A LOT better than we ever gave him credit for. watching durant alone has been like watching lebron in cleveland - so much talent, so little support.
They resigned Perkins a few years ago, which left them without the cap t room to keep harden. Who'd you rather have? The answer is obvious.
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