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Originally Posted by movdqa View Post
> So right now you use the IG prestige MP with no lead.

I use an IG Prestige MP with lead and silicone. It's a polarized setup with 30 inches of lead between 10 and 2. My YT Prestige MPs were a different setup. 20 inches of lead between 10 and 2 and 8 inches at 3/9 each. I needed the lead a 3/9 for stability and maybe it gave me some of the PWS effect.

> I saw it got very good reviews but I like my
> frames a little heavier so I wanted to go for
> the Pro. Do you see any downside for me?

I prefer to start with a lighter platform and then add weight to get to where things go. My IGs came to me already matched and customized and I haven't made any other changes.

> Do you mind the thicker beam width compared
> to your wilson frames?

The YTs felt very much like my KPS88s. It might be that I found the right combination of lead tape placement to get that feel. The beam width didn't bother me.

> Also are you very happy with your head frames overall?

I moved to the IG Prestige MPs because of the VSBabolat thread. I picked up four frames but I just left them in my closet for five or six months because I was happy with the YTs. I had arm problems with the KPS88s from time to time but they were great to play with. The most annoying thing about them was their inconsistency - I had frames from 12.6 oz to 13.1 oz stock. I also had a few arm problems with the YTs but it was something that I could live with. Then I gave the IGs a shot (I had some frustrating issues due to my stringer putting in something else because he was out of my favorite) and I found that it was a far more stable racquet. I didn't need the lead at 3/9 for stability so I could go with a pure polarized setup and it was better for my arm. What I lost, of course, was a fair amount of feel. I can live with the tradeoff at this point though.

My thoughts are that YT was Head's version of K-Factor - that is the stiffening of the frame and that IG is Head's version of BLX - added dampening. Some people prefer the stiff, raw feeling which gives you a lot of feedback and some people prefer a more muted feeling. If you're after a lot of feel, I don't think that you'll like the IG. At my age, though, the better arm health is more important than the feel.
Thanks for all your info. This is very helpful. I know how you feel with Wilson QC because my K90 are so different that they feel like completely different frames. I have experimented a bit with lead in the past few years but never successfully. For some reason it just never worked out for me and unless I am crazy I think it took away some feel in most cases (likely because I was doing it wrong). I'm not gonna use lead anymore in the future because in every case I have always played better with the frame in stock form (esspecially with the pb10 mid and K90). When I get a frame now I either have to like or get used to the balance.
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