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Funny how people here hate playing pushers but most pushers do not like to play me lol. I am a former pusher before I developed into all court/junker player. I can hit hard and love bashing on the baseline but will bring out my slice and dice game just to throw of my opponents.

When I come across a pusher, I will make sure to give this pusher a workout of his life. I am quick and in great shape and love grinding people down. Most people will try to run a pusher side to side but sometimes that is his/her strength. I will try to run them side to side and also turn on my slicing game and pull a pusher to the net and lob...most pushers tend to lack of overhead skill. I don't go for a big shots from the beginning because I want a pusher to know that I'm here to battle and ready for a workout (mind game).

I will also chip-charge and make sure to get ready for a lob. You need to throw in many verities of shots just to make sure not to let them get into any pattern or rhythm. Also it is a great way to find out his/her weakness. We all know they are great at retrieving and thrive on your mistakes.

Wait...Am I still a "pusher"? LOL
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