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Originally Posted by dadozen View Post
MAXX, I loved the 89, but it didn't like me back. It does have a big SS for a 89 sq. in. headsize, lots of control yet you can hit a pwoerful shot, very nice serves, easy to volley just by blocking the ball back. But although I'm used to 12+ oz. racquets, this one felt a little bit heavier to the arm. After 3 matches, my shoulder started to hurt a lot.

The 97 310g is a much easier racquet to swing, but it doesn't deliver the same amount of power than the 89. Control is very nice, but you can feel the 67 stiffness for sure, although not being a harsh racquet.

Overall, if I could play consistently with the 89, that would be my racquet. The 97 310g felt too flimsy for me.

Hope I have helped!
dadozen... I pretty much feel the same way as you do about the 89. Ended up looking for a less demanding racquet even though everything about it was amazing. Going to try out RDiS 100 mid and potentially go to the mp if mids stop working for me.
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