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I recently felt tennis elbow starting to come on, only a mild case of it- i wanted to end it before it ended my tennis playing, i used this thread and youtube to research the problem.. then i watched this video:

at 1.35 - ..sports which require twisting and extension of the wrist against resistence..

for me , i had this unconventional overhead bottom spin shot that I liked to do and it was twisty .. and also sometimes on the serve i noticed a that i keep that type of motion to a minimum, i played everyday this week w/o any more elbow issues..

also the question has to be asked why some people like the pro's can train 7 hours a day and not get te and i started getting it from only 4 hours a week.. i think if you have it you should analyse your shot techniques..

things like vibrating racket strings and anti-vibration bubbles will reduce the irritation but will not prevent the tendons from tearing in the first place..

that's 2cts from an newbie
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