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Originally Posted by leksukon View Post
I recently felt tennis elbow starting to come on, only a mild case of it- i wanted to end it before it ended my tennis playing, i used this thread and youtube to research the problem.. then i watched this video:

at 1.35 - ..sports which require twisting and extension of the wrist against resistence..

for me , i had this unconventional overhead bottom spin shot that I liked to do and it was twisty .. and also sometimes on the serve i noticed a that i keep that type of motion to a minimum, i played everyday this week w/o any more elbow issues..

also the question has to be asked why some people like the pro's can train 7 hours a day and not get te and i started getting it from only 4 hours a week.. i think if you have it you should analyse your shot techniques..

things like vibrating racket strings and anti-vibration bubbles will reduce the irritation but will not prevent the tendons from tearing in the first place..

that's 2cts from an newbie
Your video is very informative but not from a tennis specialist that might be knowledgeable in tennis strokes.

I have searched for information relating stroke technique to tennis elbow. I have not found very much research.

The information that I found most credible is for the one hand backhand -

The important point relates to the wrist angle at impact. Pro one hand backhands use the wrist in extension. Amateur players who more often get TE elbow use the wrist in flexion. It also make sense - but does not prove cause - that if you place your wrist in extension the tendons injured in tennis elbow are not near the end of their range of motion. As the wrist is placed in flexion the tendon injured in TE is going toward the end of its range of motion.

A much more complete discussion of this cause of tennis elbow is available in Knudson's book, Biomechanical Principles of Tennis Technique. Its an excellent book, now very low priced used, with some interesting insights on this and many other aspects of strokes.

See also

Originally Posted by Chas Tennis View Post
One of the most plausible causes for tennis elbow for a one hand backhand is described by biomechanical researcher D. Knudson in his very interesting & informative book, Biomechanical Principles of Tennis Technique (2006). He discusses why the wrist should be extended and not flexed for the 1hbh. He says that the pro's use extended wrists and many average players use flexed wrists. When I look at videos I see the pros using extended wrists on the 1hbh. In addition, the flexed wrist stretches the elbow muscles that are injured in TE making stress from wrist flexion seem plausible as a cause of TE injury.

Knudson description of wrist issues on the 1hbh. (1997)

Knudson book. (2006)

Pros using extended wrists on the 1hbh-

See if you can find any videos of pros impacting the ball with flexed wrists on the 1hbh. ? % ?

Search terms & get illustrations: wrist extension, wrist flexion

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