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I think Georgia-Pepperdine will be close, and Pepp might just pull it out.

OSU-USC -- I think USC's closer-than-expected win vs. Baylor will wake them up. Seriously, they've sort of underperformed this year with their lineup. I say they beat OSU 4-2 or 4-3, and then give UCLA a good match.

UCLA-Duke -- Duke is dangerous. I predict a great match, with a chance of a 4-3 Duke upset. But, I'm going with UCLA.

UVA-TN -- No drama, UVA wins.

I'm picking UVA for the title (I know, how bold), though believe that UCLA could pull the "upset" (can a No. 1 beating a No. 2 be a true upset?)

Duke really is an interesting team. They sort of didn't live up to expectations during the regular season. Seems their range of play is wider than most other top teams. So, I can see them beating UCLA (though I'm not predicting it), but then losing to USC or OSU. If by chance they made it to the championship, it would be very interesting vs. UVA. They lost a close match during the regular season (after being beat by UVA at the Indoors), and aren't going to be intimidated by their fellow ACC member. Of course, I'd still pick UVA, but I think it would be very competitive.

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