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Originally Posted by looseleftie View Post
Hey all,
Wondering why there seems to be so many people with the new brand racquets, when the previous model, or the model before is a fraction of the cost, and would suit their intermediate game just the same??
Is it vanity?

Kinda like the average Joe walking into the club with their 9 racquet bag!! I just don't understand..

Maybe it's just me and I'm getting old and grumpy
Perhaps it's a bit of that. It doesn't bother me if people want the latest and can afford it, but I always buy sports stuff at discount simply because I refuse to be totally ripped off by huge companies like Nike or huge outlets like TW et al by paying their crazy original prices.

I paid $125 for my sticks when the new model came out and was $200. I do the same with shoes, when mainly white ones drop to from $130 to $80 I'll buy them which works out as $40 pair after a warranty. You get stuff that has a recent manufacture date, but without the markup. Win-Win in my book.
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