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Originally Posted by r2473 View Post
Did Paleo Man eat Megafood?
Let me rephrase that.

Allowing the body to absorb the nutrition the way nature intended.

An apple has all the co-factors and enzymes necessary for proper absorption of the vitamins, minerals and other nutrition found in the apple.

Megafoods maintains the co-factors and enzymes in their supplements to ensure the body can absorb the vitamins and minerals found in their product so it can benefit the body as if it were eating the whole food.

Vitamin and Mineral Isolates found in most vitamin supplements are missing the co-factors and enzymes necessary for proper absorption. Eating whole foods with these kinds of supplements is the best way to increase absorption because the co-factors and enzymes in the "whole food" increases the absorption of the Isolates.

Most people don't have a diet high enough in whole foods to get the most benefit out of Isolates.

However, if you follow the paleo diet, it will increase the absorption of isolates. Ironically, if you follow the paleo diet, you probably don't need a multivitamin.

I'm a proponent of the Paleo diet and agree that the best way of getting the best nutrition if thru whole food. Not some pharmacological version of food. However, like previously stated most people's diets are lacking the variety and quality found in a Paleo Diet, and Megafoods is the best alternative for those who lack the time, desire, or any other reason/excuse for not eating a whole food diet.

Thanks for raising the question

As a side note I would actually recommend several supplements or actions before I would recommend a multivitamin.

1. Probiotics
2. Enzymes
3. Omega 3 fatty acids
4. Some type of green drink
5. Some source of additional fiber
6. Improved quality and quantity of drinking water
7. Eating a diet that promotes Alkalinity (which all of the above do). As does the Paleo Diet.
8. Cutting refined foods (pharmacological food) from your diet
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