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Originally Posted by mightyrick View Post
BTW, with a list of players who held a number ranking for the most years (professional and open era), you end up with a list like this:

Pancho Gonzalez (8 years)
Bill Tilden (7 years)
Rod Laver (7 years)
Jack Kramer (7 years)
Ken Rosewall (6 years)
Pete Sampras (6 years)
Roger Federer (5 years)
Don Budge (5 years)
Fred Perry (5 years)
Bjorn Borg (4 years)

When I look at this seriously, this list is probably the best I've ever seen for a complete professional and open-era top-10 all time. Every single person on that list was/is absolutely amazing.
Thanks this is something I was looking for yes. But this is probably Year end rankings. It can be tricky sometimes. Can you tell me total weeks being number one for those players. Because 5 years ending number one could mean that you are nr.1 just total 5 weeks in theory. So I don't think it is fair.
If you can give me total weeks for those players that would help me a lot.
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