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Originally Posted by jg153040 View Post
Thanks this is something I was looking for yes. But this is probably Year end rankings. It can be tricky sometimes. Can you tell me total weeks being number one for those players. Because 5 years ending number one could mean that you are nr.1 just total 5 weeks in theory. So I don't think it is fair.
If you can give me total weeks for those players that would help me a lot.
That list isn't year end number one. It is the number of years that a player has reached number one at any point in the year.

Even if a player was only number one for five weeks, they still have to win enough tournament points to achieve that ranking. This ordinarily takes a player months to do. It actually is a very good metric across eras.

The point system has changed a few times over the decades. But across eras, to achieve number one, you always have to win the aggregate of the most important tournaments.
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