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Some of use dont even buy new racquet bags. Most of mine are vintage era. For racquets increased profit margions to remain profitable has results in frames that are cheap feeling....hence the reason many here play with discontinued frames. Even the more economical frames of old played better than most of the stuff out there now. The are some exceptions of course but you are going to pay well over $100 when you could spend as little as $5. I just picked up a prince graphite 2 mid size(Rafter's stick) for $5 and thats a tour level frame. THat level of frame is about as good as you can get and make the modern stuff feel like a cheap junior frame from walmart.

As for handguns....they dont make them like they used to. Unlike racquets they hold there value quite well so the deals are a little harder to come by. Especially in the current political environment when everyone is going out to buy firearms for fear of communist takeover. No joke.
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