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Originally Posted by Mustard View Post
My best player of the year in bold. Players not in bold are the best in the other pro/am code (pre-open era).

My Best players per year (pre-open era)
1877: Spencer Gore (amateur)
1878: Frank Hadow (amateur)
1879: John Hartley (amateur)
1880: John Hartley (amateur)
1881: William Renshaw (amateur)
1882: William Renshaw (amateur)
1883: William Renshaw (amateur)
1884: William Renshaw (amateur)
1885: William Renshaw (amateur)
1886: William Renshaw (amateur)
1887: Herbert Lawford (amateur)
1888: Ernest Renshaw (amateur)
1889: William Renshaw (amateur)
1890: Willoughby Hamilton (amateur)
1891: Wilfred Baddeley (amateur)
1892: Wilfred Baddeley (amateur)
1893: Joshua Pim (amateur)
1894: Joshua Pim (amateur)
1895: Joshua Pim (amateur)
1896: Harold Mahony (amateur)
1897: Reggie Doherty (amateur)
1898: Reggie Doherty (amateur)
1899: Reggie Doherty (amateur)
1900: Reggie Doherty (amateur)
1901: Arthur Gore (amateur)
1902: Laurie Doherty (amateur)
1903: Laurie Doherty (amateur)
1904: Laurie Doherty (amateur)
1905: Laurie Doherty (amateur)
1906: Laurie Doherty (amateur)
1907: Norman Brookes (amateur)
1908: William Larned (amateur)
1909: William Larned (amateur)
1910: Tony Wilding (amateur)
1911: Tony Wilding (amateur)
1912: Tony Wilding (amateur)
1913: Tony Wilding (amateur)
1914: Tony Wilding (amateur)
1915: Bill Johnston (amateur)
1916: Richard Norris Williams (amateur)
1917: Lindley Murray (amateur)
1918: Lindley Murray (amateur)
1919: Bill Johnston (amateur)
1920: Bill Tilden (amateur), Romeo Acquarone (professional)
1921: Bill Tilden (amateur), John CS Rendall (professional)
1922: Bill Tilden (amateur), John CS Rendall (professional)
1923: Bill Tilden (amateur), John CS Rendall (professional)
1924: Bill Tilden (amateur), Albert Burke (professional)
1925: Bill Tilden (amateur), Karel Kozeluh (professional)
1926: Rene Lacoste (amateur), Karel Kozeluh (professional)
1927: Rene Lacoste (amateur), Vinny Richards (professional)
1928: Henri Cochet (amateur), Vinny Richards (professional)
1929: Henri Cochet (amateur), Karel Kozeluh (professional)
1930: Henri Cochet (amateur), Karel Kozeluh (professional)
1931: Bill Tilden (professional), Ellsworth Vines (amateur)
1932: Ellsworth Vines (amateur), Bill Tilden (professional)
1933: Jack Crawford (amateur), Bill Tilden (professional)
1934: Ellsworth Vines (professional), Fred Perry (amateur)
1935: Ellsworth Vines (professional), Fred Perry (amateur)
1936: Ellsworth Vines (professional), Fred Perry (amateur)
1937: Ellsworth Vines (professional), Don Budge (amateur)
1938: Ellsworth Vines (professional), Don Budge (amateur)
1939: Don Budge (professional), Bobby Riggs (amateur)
1940: Don Budge (professional), Don McNeill (amateur)
1941: Fred Perry (professional), Bobby Riggs (amateur)
1942: Don Budge (professional), Ted Schroeder (amateur)
1943: Joseph Hunt (amateur), ??? (professional)
1944: Bobby Riggs (professional), Frank Parker (amateur)
1945: Bobby Riggs (professional), Frank Parker (amateur)
1946: Bobby Riggs (professional), Jack Kramer (amateur)
1947: Bobby Riggs (professional), Jack Kramer (amateur)
1948: Jack Kramer (professional), John Bromwich (amateur)
1949: Jack Kramer (professional), Pancho Gonzales (amateur)
1950: Jack Kramer (professional), Budge Patty (amateur)
1951: Jack Kramer (professional), Frank Sedgman (amateur)
1952: Pancho Segura (professional), Frank Sedgman (amateur)
1953: Jack Kramer (professional), Tony Trabert (amateur)
1954: Pancho Gonzales (professional), Jaroslav Drobny (amateur)
1955: Pancho Gonzales (professional), Tony Trabert (amateur)
1956: Pancho Gonzales (professional), Lew Hoad (amateur)
1957: Pancho Gonzales (professional), Lew Hoad (amateur)
1958: Pancho Gonzales (professional), Ashley Cooper (amateur)
1959: Pancho Gonzales (professional), Alex Olmedo (amateur)
1960: Pancho Gonzales (professional), Neale Fraser (amateur)
1961: Pancho Gonzales (professional), Roy Emerson (amateur)
1962: Ken Rosewall (professional), Rod Laver (amateur)
1963: Ken Rosewall (professional), Roy Emerson (amateur)
1964: Rod Laver (professional), Roy Emerson (amateur)
1965: Rod Laver (professional), Roy Emerson (amateur)
1966: Rod Laver (professional), Fred Stolle (amateur)
1967: Rod Laver (professional), John Newcombe (amateur)

My best players per year (open era)
1968: Rod Laver (professional)
1969: Rod Laver (professional)
1970: Rod Laver (professional)
1971: John Newcombe (professional)
1972: Stan Smith (amateur/professional) - turned professional in July 1972
1973: Ilie Nastase (professional)
1974: Jimmy Connors (professional)
1975: Arthur Ashe (professional)
1976: Jimmy Connors (professional)
1977: Guillermo Vilas (professional)
1978: Bjorn Borg (professional)
1979: Bjorn Borg (professional)
1980: Bjorn Borg (professional)
1981: John McEnroe (professional)
1982: Jimmy Connors (professional)
1983: John McEnroe (professional)
1984: John McEnroe (professional)
1985: Ivan Lendl (professional)
1986: Ivan Lendl (professional)
1987: Ivan Lendl (professional)
1988: Mats Wilander (professional)
1989: Boris Becker (professional)
1990: Stefan Edberg (professional)
1991: Stefan Edberg (professional)
1992: Jim Courier (professional)
1993: Pete Sampras (professional)
1994: Pete Sampras (professional)
1995: Pete Sampras (professional)
1996: Pete Sampras (professional)
1997: Pete Sampras (professional)
1998: Pete Sampras (professional)
1999: Andre Agassi (professional)
2000: Gustavo Kuerten (professional)
2001: Lleyton Hewitt (professional)
2002: Lleyton Hewitt (professional)
2003: Andy Roddick (professional)
2004: Roger Federer (professional)
2005: Roger Federer (professional)
2006: Roger Federer (professional)
2007: Roger Federer (professional)
2008: Rafael Nadal (professional)
2009: Roger Federer (professional)
2010: Rafael Nadal (professional)
2011: Novak Djokovic (professional)
2012: Novak Djokovic (professional)
Mustard, I think that Roman Najuch was stronger than Acquarone and Rendall.

For 1961 I would prefer Rosewall instead of Gonzalez (although they were equal). For 1970 I would again take Rosewall.
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