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Proudly play with plenty of sticks that retailed for over $150-$200 when new, but I never payed more than $55 for any of them.

The beauty of most sports is plenty of people will go out, spend tons of cash on gear, only to find out they suck at it or just hate it.....then the gear ends up on "The Bay" and I snag it at a fraction of the cost.

Best find so far was a $15 Craigslist Pro Staff Classic 6.1 95.....literally looked like someone played a set at the main stick for past 5 years! Nothing beats blowing someone off the court with a brand new stick and telling them yours is 20 years old when they ask why they haven't heard of it and didn't see it in the store last week.

I've been tempted by the new models, and I'll demo, but yet to find one that feels good enough to justify not just using a used or older version of it. If something new comes out, just have patience and within 6 months to a year you'll have it on the cheap.
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