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Great match, congrats to Miami!! As an NU fan/alum, that was tough. But, great fight by the Wildcats after getting crushed in doubles and 1 and 2 singles and down 3-0, and saving a match point that would have resulted in a 4-2 loss.

Ugh, disappointed. WTF happened in doubles? I can understand a doubles point loss, but two 1-8 losses?? Miami must have played great.

So, again, GREAT JOB, Miami!! I'll root for the Canes now. The better they do, the better a 4-3 loss to the Canes to end the season looks. And, seriously, the women's field is pretty open this year. Miami really could win it all. How did you do vs. UNC during he regular season (and ACC tournament if applicable)?

[And, GREAT JOB, NU!!]

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