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Originally Posted by winstonplum View Post
Does anyone around here know anything about professional athletes or sports in general? Professional athletes don't "tank." Djokovic losing like he has in Madrid and Rome is not good for him. There's no other way to slice it. I would have called him the favorite a month ago for RG, but even if Nadal loses to Berd tomorrow of Fed the next day, I now would put Nadal as the favorite to win RG. Djokovic has lost some of his magic since 2011.
Do you know anything about prioritizing in pro sports?

Pro athletes in all sports set particular goals for the season, and, then, plan their peaks for certain periods.

It may come to you as a shock, but maybe Djokovic did not plan to peak for the entire clay court season. He did the damage in MC. Onto RG.

Is that so hard to understand?
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