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Originally Posted by Zildite View Post
Why would you want to peak early, then unpeak for the next two tournaments closest to RG before peaking again during that last tournament.
Unless there is some switch that you just turn on when you want to peak.
Why bother with the concept of peaking, if you don't believe in it?

There is approximately a month and a half between the final of Monte Carlo and the final of Roland Garros.

Unless you are Nadal, playing close to your best all the time during the clay court season will leave you with less in the tank, come crunch time.

And there is also Wimbledon to consider.

Considering, that Djokovic plays from the beginning of the year, he MUST think about conserving energy.

Djokovic did well to shake Nadal's confidence by winning MC. In the grand scheme of things, he plays his cards smart, and has no other significant gains to make by further dominating Nadal in the clay Masters. We saw, that this was not a guarantee for success at RG, so, why trying to do it?

The things are different than the previous two seasons prior to RG.

Let us see, if he played smart or was just not good enough.

I say, that, if he reaches the final at RG, he played his cards smart. If he doesn't , then he was not good enough.
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