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Originally Posted by Tennis_Hands View Post
Why bother with the concept of peaking, if you don't believe in it?
I only have a problem with your concept of peaking, where losing early right before your target tournament is somehow all part of the plan.
If he really wanted to conserve energy, he didn't have to play Madrid or Rome at all. His ankle would have been a perfectly valid excuse to pull out.

Originally Posted by Tennis_Hands View Post

I say, that, if he reaches the final at RG, he played his cards smart. If he doesn't , then he was not good enough.
I say please own your theory on how these things work. If you are going to criticise people for not believing that Djokovic's losses were all part of a master plan, then you can admit that if he does lose at any point (making the final doesn't cut it for him, he already achieved that without this method) then his strategic losses can be considered to be a significant contributing factor (for example, he over-rested instead of being match tough)...Or admit that he may not have had such a plan at all and did things such as this because he wasn't going into these tournaments not caring about winning.
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