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Originally Posted by Fiji View Post
He tanked Madrid and Rome to be fresh and pumped for the big one.

Mark my words: Djokovic will win RG.

Nadal will be running on fumes.

The writing is on the wall.
LOL, some of you Federer fans are pathetic. I am a Federer fan and it is hard for me to believe some of the crap that is written on here by fellow Fed fans.
The reality is this: Djokovic is NOT the favorite for RG and he did not tank Madrid and Rome to be fresh for RG. The fact that he lost in early rounds in Madrid and Rome is NOT good news for him because he will be more likely to lose in an earlier round in RG than Nadal will. Sure, if Djokovic makes it to play Nadal at RG, Djokovic is capable of beating him, but he has to get to him first. How can Djokovic be the favorite for RG when he has only made the final there ONE time whereas Nadal has won the bloody title 7 times. Are people that stupid?
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