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Originally Posted by Big_Dangerous View Post
I don't see that happening at all. There's no way he can be feeling very confident going into RG at this point. Suffering inexplicable losses to Dimitrov and now Berdych. I mean they are good players, but he shouldn't have lost to them. Especially not to Berdych after leading 5-2 in the second set... That's absurd.
Why is it inexplicable, that Djokovic lost to Dimitrov or Berdych?

Djokovic is not Nadal, that he is not prone to early upsets, when he is not playing on his or close to his best level. And even Nadal was close to losing against Dimitrov on clay a couple of weeks ago.

The only thing, that the people register correctly is, that Djokovic is not dominating everybody at the moment. Hardly a surprising fact.

Originally Posted by Big_Dangerous View Post
Right now in my book, Nadal's the favorite to win the french, then Fed, then Djokovic.
Yes, Nadal has always been the favourite for winning the French.

In my book the favourites to win the French are Nadal and then Djokovic.

As much as I want to see Federer one more time in the final, I think that his chances at the moment are lower than Djokovic's.

And, everybody seems to forget, that Djokovic might be nursing an ankle injury, that he needs to be careful about, if he doesn't want to cripple himself for RG and Wimbledon.
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