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Originally Posted by cc0509 View Post
Yes, good post. We know he can beat Nadal if he gets to him but he seems to have lost a little of the larger plot along the way, losing to some of these players he really should not lose to en route to Nadal or Federer.
I was having a discussion with zagor after the MC final, and we went over the patterns of play. It was clearly obvious that Djokovic had been doing some serious modifications in his game. Nadal had some new strategies that he used in 2012 to unsettle Djokovic, but the way Djokovic had created that anti-strike to Nadal's pattern of play, putting him back into neutral or even worse, into defense with just one shot was staggering. He was not using those patterns against anyone else, but Nadal. Nadal was clueless in his response.

Problem here is when your game becomes so perfect for dismantling one player, as Djokovic's game clearly is for Nadal, for others those patterns of play make you vulnerable, and I think we've seen a little of that recently.

He has got to take Nadal out of his mind for now and firstly focus on how gets to him at RG. With Federer now possible number two seed, he can only face Federer after he faces Nadal, if that ever happens.
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