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Originally Posted by cc0509 View Post
Well, I don't necessarily agree with that. I think from time to time, all of the top players have tanked. For example Djokovic has tanked in many big events imo, even in his great 2011 year, after the USO, he tanked a few events. But I certainly do not think he would tank two of the big tune-ups prior to the FO this year given the fact that he has stated on many occasions that his big goal for the year is to win the FO. That makes no sense.
You're probably right. Perhaps I should have added "... in big events" to my sentence.
And both MC and Rome are Big Events.

I do see a difference in both losses - at MC he didn't play badly, just got beaten by a player on the rise having a better day than himself. The loss in Rome, however... the match was on his racket! A typical case of a mental check-out, Djoko in Jelenaland, so to say. Reminiscent of Fed in Toronto/Montreal against Tsonga a couple of years ago, where about the same thing happened. I wonder whether these mental absences may or may-not be a sign of mental fatigue. Should such be the case with Djoko right now, he'll have his work cut out for him for the upcoming RG.
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