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Default Take me down to drop shot city

Question: if 85% of all shots to my opponent's back-hand result in a drop shot that lands within 4 feet of the net on my side -- every time -- then what can I do to combat this?

1.) I have been attempting to punish his forehand, but if I take off even one iota of pace from my shot, he'll "run around" the forehand to hit a backhand dropshot and end the point

2.) If I'm behind the baseline (like I usually am), I cannot run down his dropshots, they are too good. I can only run them down if I had been in NML accidentally

3.) If I charge the net after I accidentally hit to his backhand side, he'll lob it over my head and it always lands around my baseline, and always in.

I'm all out of ideas. It's very frustrating, I feel like he's playing "keep away" with the ball.

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