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Default 'Push' vs 'Pull' forehands, 1hbh's and 2hbhs?

I've read a little on this. Some people don't care about it. That's great. And this thread isn't for you. If you'd like to post in this thread to tell me you don't care about classifications, that's a good way to waste everybody's time. This thread is for the people who are interested in the classifications.

So who on the ATP or WTA (but preferably the ATP cuz I don't care about the WTA) has a 'pull' forehand? Nadal and Federer, that much I know. Who has a 'push' forehand? I have no clue.

And the topic is less commonly discussed on backhands. Who has a 'push' 1hbh? Who has a 'pull' 1hbh? What is the difference?

Who has a 'push' 2hbh? Who has a 'pull' 2hbh? What is the difference.

For the forehand, as I understand it, it has to do with the wrist bending backwards as the racket is swung forwards. Then the wrist snaps back to neutral as contact is made with the ball...? This happens in the Nadal and Federer forehands. Yet I saw Tsonga's forehand recently described as being a 'push' forehand, but his wrist does the same thing as Nadal and Federer's do. With a 'push' forehand, I'd imagine the wrist to be locked at a certain angle throughout the entire stroke - but I haven't seen any pro with a wrist as rigid as that.
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