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Counter drop-shot. With chances he'll be running to hit, so he'll have to raise the ball. With that slightly higher ball, punish him. Or if the ball is high enough and he went a bit into the court to hit his dropshot (which is a difficult shot to hit behind the baseline), chip to the forehand corner. He'll have to hit a defensive shot with it if he's out of position/anticipating a counter dropshot. Punish that defensive shot.

That's why you see many pros do this: it's hard to hit a good on-the-rise shot with a dropper, except if it was failed. Either counter dropshot or chip and stay at net. Most likely if it's well struck, counter dropshot. Not very likely you'll be able to do anything else with a ball under your knees...

EDIT: Also, it's harder to dropshot very high balls, very fast or very low balls. Basically, if you hit midcourt, with no particular pace or spin around his chest/shoulder, you deserve your spanking.

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