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Thanks for the advice everyone.

Even if I'm unsuccessful at beating him, at least you've given me a lot to think about. What would seem like a hopeless situation during the heat of the moment, can actually be something that can be dealt with by a variety of positions, shot selection and game theory.

I absolutely am too far back against this player, I should move up some. I'm used to heavier, harder forehands and backhands. He does not have these weapons. In fact, in pure forehand to forehand exchanges, I usually win the point that way. He can't keep up with my consistency. In fact, upon further reflection, most of his shots are rather shallow. he rarely gets any depth at all.

I'll play in front of the baseline and make sure that I give him no neutral shots to his backhand: only topspin heavy forehands and backhands. If I have to slice it to his backhand, then I need to increase the spin making it harder to hit an accurate drop shot.
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