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Why aren't these definitions applied to backhands?

Beveldevil, I take it you mean that if the arm is flung forward by the rotation of the torso then it is a pull shot? But if the arm is forced forwards by the muscles of the shoulder (the muscles of the arm only control the forearm and fingers), then it is a push stroke?

If that is the case then most 1hbhs are push strokes as torso rotation is limited and the arm is propelled through the shot by the muscles of the shoulder - not by a violent torso uncoiling. And certainly I see no lag between the beginning of the uncoiling of the torso and the movement of the arm in most 1hbhs, so by your own definition most 1hbhs are push strokes. Perhaps Wawrinka is the exception?

Who would you say has a pull style 2hbh?

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