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Originally Posted by Vamos Rafa View Post
True, I just think Rafa's due to wear orange as a primary colour soon and that this might be the tournament we see it. What colours do you see him wearing?
Things I haven't seen him wearing for quite a while. His RG 2013 gear also has orange accents: orange and grey shoes, orange (reddish orange though) shorts, orange accents on the T-Shirt, stuff like this. Federer also had his orange outfit this year. Maybe green, red, white or black. I don't fancy fluo colours, find them too flashy on court, and Nike goes overboard with it especially with Volt Yellow. It was nice the first time(s), but it's getting redundant. But Nadal does fancy those colours. I'd like some apple green to be honest. Not the darker green Federer was wearing (light purple in RG), but some light, candy apple green with white shorts. Haven't seen green for a while, and suddenly it appears in 2013; why not for Nadal?

As for Federer... Well we know what his USO polos look like, as well as WTF. Don't remember him wearing red in AO, but he wore pink this year. He also said he wanted to do a year all in white in 2014, so wait and see for him.
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