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Originally Posted by kiki View Post
Oh┐ impressive facts, bobbyone, the true master of historians.

I certainly will look at him with a higher regard, specially since he seemed to do so well against one of my faves, great John Newcombe.

He would be in the great players-non champions list, similar to guys like Raul Ramirez,Eddie Dibbs,Brian Gottfried,Tom Gorman,Tom Okker,Bob Lutz or Victor Pecci.Among a few others I left out...
kiki, I knew you would be impressed by these facts and willing to change your opinion in this point. Thanks for your nice words.

Yes, Earl "Butch" B. can be considered as one of the great "outsiders" comparable to those you have listed up.

Thanks again to kiki, one of the big stalwarts of talk tennis.
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