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Originally Posted by Feņa14 View Post
Duncan was great again yesterday, regardless of age, his performances thist post season have been huge.

Do you think the Spurs could beat the Heat, if thats the finals? The Heat do struggle at times against dominant big men, Parker always finds a way to get it done, the defence of Leonard on James could be a factor.
Honestly, I think either Spurs or the Grizzlies will have a GREAT chance against the Heat.

Guards all day long, Parker and Ginobili will pick them apart because they'll get to the paint. And LeBron can only guard one of them at a time. D-Wade can't stay with them, not with that bad knee. Mario Chalmer and the rest of Heat's guards don't stay with anyone, period. The Spurs may not necessarily kill the Heat in the paint, Duncan-Bosh is a wash, but they have enough big guys to throw at Bosh. The Spurs will most likely out-rebound the Heat too with their smaller lineup.

More or less the same story with Spurs. They have better guard play. Also, they can throw top defenders Tony Allen and Tayshaun Prince at D-Wade and LeBron. In the paint, the Grizzlies should absolutely kill them with Randolph and Marc Gasol. Not to mention Heat's inability to rebound because of the small line up.

The common theme here is that, the Heat will get out-rebounded and sorely out-played at the guard positions. Both teams are bigger and can definitely neutralize any post threats the Heat can come up with.

They have LeBron James, and that's scary. I'm pretty sure you can plug LeBron James with just about any team and they'll get to the Finals. Even the Bobcats.

Let's not count out the Pacers, their top notch defense and balanced offensive threats will be a handful for anyone. I wouldn't be surprised if the Pacers beat the Heat in 6 or 7 games.
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