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Originally Posted by LeeD View Post
Actually, I do have some experience with recovery from injury, and racing back to participate in the sport.
It doesn't take a genious to knows there are phsyical and phycological implications in place here, and recovery should be guided along slowly until the patient...daughter, is fully ready to go all out 100%.
As is, she wants to enter the tourney at much less than 100%. Fine, it's her life and her choice. But don't expect top results, and be ready for settle for a whole lot less.
As for being banned for playing the idiot. I actually HATE parents who don't know a thing about recovery from injury. They push too hard, too early, and ruin the sport for their kids.
If I should be banned for expressing my view, so be it.
At least I gave my opinion. Right or wrong, info or no info, it's as valid as yours.
Not injury... parenting.
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