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Default please help me interpret "NCAA 5th year scholarship"

So I am really confused. Apparently in NCAA there's a term, "5th year." There's a scholarship, supposedly for student athletes who were unable to get their degree done during 4 years.

My kid is not getting done in 4 years.

We have the paperwork filled out for the scholarship, but someone at the university refuses to sign because she interprets it as a "6th year scholarship." (SIXTH year)

How in the heck do you ever reach a 6th year, if you can't afford to attend the first day of the 5th year?

Second, I think if you can't get it done in 5 years, why is someone giving away money for a 6th time?

The packet has to be mailed & date stamped May 24. Can someone help me understand how a recruited athlete gets thrown under the bus like this?
How can we get the 5th year paid? Actually 4 1/2 years would be sufficient.
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