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My kid has just finished his 8th semester. He's competing this week in Illinois. He has been at 1 University all 4 years. He did not red shirt, grey shirt or black shirt any year. He competed all 4 years. He had some athletic scholarship all 4 years. He properly represented tennis, his university and the NCAA. It seems he qualifies, somehow, for some scholarship money from someone for the 9th semester. If we can't get some $$ for the 9th semester, he's done. He will not ever get the degree. We are not the type of people to be able to come up with $15K or $30K.

I cannot believe that the name of the game is to play college tennis, promote the University, promote the sport, then "see ya, thanks for playing," and no diploma.

There's someone who works at the University that is bottlenecking the process. She has been known to make a lot of really big mistakes before. (hmmm Peter Principal.) She thinks the NCAA offers a 6th years scholarship, not a 5th year scholarship. I think she's wrong. We need the 5th year.
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