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Originally Posted by Lukhas View Post
Yes Leed's rant is partially unjustified, but to expect a player to be able to come back that fast after a 9 month total lay-off is wishful thinking. The immobilization time is more than enough to rust both technique and physique, not mentioning the mental confidence that probably went to sub-zero levels. And to call Leed on not being a parent is Ad Hominem, same Ad Hominem he can invoke on you all if you never sustained such an injury. So chill out, nobody's totally wrong or right here.

And from what I heard, the resurrection of the Junior section might not be the smartest thing to do either, given the reasons that led to its deletion.

Anyway, I'm still curious about the racquet, strings and tension. Banish co-poly, soft strings for comfort please. And yeah, it will take a long time before she'll be able to play properly again. Very long time. Maybe in months, or even a year, maybe less, maybe more. Nobody knows, but generally it's pretty tough. It's quite ironic to see that something that took so much time to build can be destroyed in such little time. Maybe some discussion with her would be useful because the reason why she wants to enter a tournament may be useful to understand. Although it will be needed at some point to enter tournaments so she can build some confidence, but IMO she should physically and technically train beforehand during the summer, regain some confidence in her strokes before thinking too much about tournaments.
She has a knee injury. Not an elbow injury. So strings are not the issue. Nobody has issue with the fact that it will take time to get back into match shape. This is the type of advice he was seeking. LeeD was absolutely wrong to imply bad parenting. The question was a valid one.
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