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Man, what a gong show this is....

Anyways, I work with junior players and one of the things you have to be careful of is so she doesn't lose confidence. Personally, if it was up to me I wouldn't let her enter this tournament. She might want to, and this is a good sign, but you as the parents have to take charge here and not let her.

3 weeks is way early especially since she has been away this long. The type of program I would setup for her would be regular training along with practice matches. However, push her more and more gradually as each week goes by then back off and see how she responds health wise. For example off the top of my head, lets say she trains 5 days a week you can start off with 1 intense training day per week relative to where she is in her recovery. Increase that to 2x a week, then 3. Each time bumping up the intensity if she's doing fine. You gotta push her and her recovery but carefully of course.

You main point of reference if she's ready to play in a tournament is how well she's doing in practice matches. Her confidence in her shots, mental toughness and stamina but more importantly under pressure when she's giving it her all that she's not hurting in any way afterwards from her injury. Adrenaline takes over, you fight and do whatever it takes to win and boom, tweak something and are re-injured again. In training stuff like this can be minimized and monitored.


I reread what I wrote and hope I won't be misunderstood. I am not saying to train only 1x a week, then 2 then 3 etc. What I meant was out of her regular training days, lets say its 5x a week, set aside 1 day where you bump up the intensity. Pushing her harder and see how she responds, where she's at. Only do this if a normal training session, relative to where she is in her recover, she handles without problems. Hope that makes sense.
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