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Originally Posted by tennismom42 View Post
So I am really confused. Apparently in NCAA there's a term, "5th year." There's a scholarship, supposedly for student athletes who were unable to get their degree done during 4 years.

My kid is not getting done in 4 years.

We have the paperwork filled out for the scholarship, but someone at the university refuses to sign because she interprets it as a "6th year scholarship." (SIXTH year)

How in the heck do you ever reach a 6th year, if you can't afford to attend the first day of the 5th year?

Second, I think if you can't get it done in 5 years, why is someone giving away money for a 6th time?

The packet has to be mailed & date stamped May 24. Can someone help me understand how a recruited athlete gets thrown under the bus like this?
How can we get the 5th year paid? Actually 4 1/2 years would be sufficient.
Sounds like a communication problem. (I've heard of 6th year eligibility but not a 6th year scholarship.) Keep politely at it.

The NCAA recognizes the difficulty in completing college in four years while playing D1 and permits a 5th year financial aid package for those students wanting to complete. Believe individual colleges control this.

Typically must be on aid previous year or two, need athletic dept/head coach recommendation, adequate grades, perhaps some volunteer hours to athletic dept 5th year.... Clearly it helps you and the student but it also reflects positively on the school's graduation numbers.
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