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[QUOTE=tennis7777777;7110177]Interesting predictions, mine are a little less radical (and I'm biased) but I think more realistic:

1. Virginia will win the NCAA title beating USC in the final
2. Georgia will make the round of 16 but not the quarters
3. Duke will not beat Virginia but they will make the final four
4. Texas A&M will finish top half of the SEC but no better
5. Stanford will not finish top 20 this year
6. UCLA will make the final four but no better
7. Peter Kobelt will not finish ranked top 10
8. Agree as it looks like Newman is not on the Michigan roster for some reason
9. Oklahoma will finish top 10 and make quarters of NCAA's, Roddick will be fine
10. They will not cover NCAA's[/QUOTE

1. Got Virginia just not over USC
2. Too good Georgia didn't see semis coming
3. Duke underachieved, but still close
4. Easily top half
5. Stanford was awful
6. Finals but no better
7. Close but he's still top 10 unless he falls, good year tho
8. Got it
9. Close but not quite top 10 or quarters
10. Obviously
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