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Garbage? Placebo? Scam? Pretty ignorant and harsh words for Vitamin C and Ginseng the latter being used for centuries by althletes and others around the world. As for vitamin C, OK genius, you're right no value whatsoever - I'd petition to get Linus Paulings Nobel prize revoked immediately.

Why don't you give your cranium a workout by coming up with a thoughtful response instead of just spewing knee jerk drivel.
As P.T. Barnum said, there's one of your type born every minute-i.e. suckers. The "knee jerk drivel" comes from 15 years of reading about, and experimenting (on myself) with "health" supplements. I know more about this than you, trust me. You obviously know NOTHING about nutrition or supplementation, and are looking for a "magic pill" as a substitute for hard work and sound nutritional planning. You are, I assume, a lazy person who doesn't want to put in the work. As I suggested, do the research and stop wasting your money. Otherwise, take YOUR drivel elsewhere.
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