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At almost all programs the money does come from the department. I just signed off on two applications this year. Unless you are a current division 1 coach or administrator your credibility is null. You are right in that the coach does not sign off on the money per se. But, you do have to sign the student-athletes request for aid and can refuse to sign it. If you choose not to sign it, you have to speak with your AD and better have a great reason as to why you won't sign it. Regardless, the AD's decision will always trump that of a coach. As the other poster mentioned, it is always in the best interest of everyone to have people graduate, as APR standards are increasing and penalties are starting to get assessed. I was not suggesting that the only way to be in a situation like this is to be a jerk. It is merely just one possibility. I was simply presenting a scenario where a player may have been refused fifth year aid.
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