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I purchased a slightly used Gamma 602 FC. I used 17g Volkl Classic Syn Gut to practice and learn the new stringer with my Wilson nCode nTour 95 16 x 20. I am using x1 piece/ATW at 60#

The string broke on me while doing the mains. I believe it was due to not knowing how tight the fixed clamps needed to be and it slipped. The string was clearly damaged from the slip but continued to string as I wanted the practice. Off to another set of syn gut fr the reel for more practice.

The 2nd set completed with no issue and I took to Racquet Tune to check tension. I was floored when the readings said 78#. I checked my settings on RT and it was correct. Set up for another reading and with a tap of the string bed the string snapped.

I checked the racquet/grommets for any damage and did not notice anything that should have contributed to the break of the string. I then called it a night.
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